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Valence will be at the NETA PowerTest 2016 Conference in Fort Worth, TN

The NETA PowerTest 2016 Conference is one of the best conferences in the industry. It starts on Monday, March 14th with a series of 45-minute lectures from industry experts. There are several tracks, or themes, to choose from; so there is almost always someone talking about something you are interested in at any given moment. I’ve met or heard the following people speak and you should check them out if you are interested in the topics:

  • Keynote Address – Gary Norland, – Monday, March 14th  at 8:30 am
  • System Testing of Protection Devices and Schemes – What Is It and Why Do We Need It? – Will Knapek, OMICRON electronics Corp. USA – Monday, March 14th at 9:30 am
  • Technical Reports Symposium: Communicating With Your Client – Ron Widup, Shermco Industries – Monday, March 14th at 3:15 pm
  • Arc-Flash Mitigation by Transformer Differential Relay Protection – Mose Ramieh III, PGTI & Randall Sagan, MBUSI – Monday, March 14th at 4:15 pm
  • How Disruptions in DC and Communications Affect Protection – Karl Zimmerman, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. – Monday, March 14th at 4:15 pm
  • Understanding Transformer Differential Protection – J Scott Cooper, OMICRON electronics Corp. USA – Monday, March 14th at 4:15 pm
  • Protection and Control Panel – Moderated by Lorne Gara, Orbis Engineering Ltd – Tuesday, March 15th at 8:00 am & 10:15 am
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance Panel – Moderated by Dan Hook, Western Electrical Services, Inc. – Tuesday, March 15th at 8:00 am & 10:15 am
  • Electrical Safety Panel – Moderated by Jim White, Shermco Industries – Tuesday, March 15th at 8:00 am & 10:15 am
  • Risk Assessment Techniques Using NFPA 70E: A Primer – Jim White, Shermco Industries – Wednesday, March 16th at 1:15 pm
  • Event Analysis with Practical Examples for Testing and Commissioning – Karl Zimmerman, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. – Thursday, March 17th at 1:15 pm

I’ll be wandering around the conference and we will have our booth set up in spot #138 during the afternoon trade show on Tuesday, March 15th. We’ll have a few signed copies of The Relay Testing Handbook available for purchase. Save 10% and shipping costs by picking up your signed copy at the show.

We will also have the 1924, 1940, and 1949 versions of Silent Sentinels from our blog series available for viewing for those who are interested.

Hope to see you at the show!

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Valence Electrical Training Services is the independent source for protective relay training for relay testers. We offer: • Online Training Courses that can be completed at any location at any time • The Relay Testing Handbook series of books written for relay testers by a relay tester • Hands-On Training Classes where you come to us, or we come to your organization

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