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Given by a tester, for testers

I was really impressed with the instructor's knowledge of both the test equipment and the relays which we tested. I have been to several advanced relay training courses and this was by far the best yet. It is great that it is given by a tester, for testers. I highly recommend this course to anyone who tests relays no matter what their skill set is.

John LeBlanc

this class is taught by an experienced engineer

If you are having trouble understanding basic fundamentals of relays , this class is taught by an experienced engineer who can succesfully explain what is going on and how to understand it.


The Best Relay Training Course

This course was probably hands down the best relay training course I have ever taken in my 13 years of relay testing. It is obvious the instructor knows what he talking about and is very enthusiastic about relay testing. His approach makes it easy for someone to understand what the relay elements are trying to accomplish and how to properly test that element. This class should be on every relay technician’s list as not only part of their certification but also as a refresher. Well done!

Sam Harrison

Would have saved me a lot of learning curve if I had had this course when I started testing distance and differential relays a couple years ago. Even with a couple years of experience, it filled in some gaps.

J. Ronning

Wonderful course

Wonderful course that really digs into generation protection while keeping it interesting and informative. The hands-on approach really aids in the retaining of knowledge!


This Class Will Start You off on the Right Path

One should take this course whether they know everything about relays or know nothing about them at all. Anyone could walk into this course and learn something. For those who have low experience with testing relays, this class will start you off on the right path to becoming a great relay tester.

Travis Scaife

Why relay testing is so important

You really get a sense of why relay testing is so important before a system goes into service. You also get hands-on training testing the more complicated relays in use today. The instructor is knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience in the field.

Rune Winn ... Field Engineer

Keep up the good work

I work for a testing company and I always wanted to get better with relays but found it difficult to learn more on-site since we don’t usually have much time to play around. Our company owns Omicron and Doble test-sets and was able to borrow them over the week ends. I would grab an SEL relay and follow you step by step and learned a lot that way.

I practiced a lot doing manual pick up and timing test (without changing settings) to get a good foundation and now slowly getting into dynamic testing.

I also purchased your Relay Testing Handbook and find it very useful on-site. I keep the soft copy on my laptop so I can refer to it very easily.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get better at testing relays.

Looking forward to more videos from Valence.

Keep up the good work

Jeremie L.

I have been so impressed with the booklet

I have been in electrical testing for the past 15 years and have worked for NETA shops and utilities. The booklet is excellent for a beginner as well as a seasoned test technician. I purchased this for a look at another’s perspective on end-to-end relay testing. Included are test plans, connections, procedures and testing philosophies. The user will find an overview of nearly all of the popular protection strategies as well as a very helpful overview chart.

I have been so impressed with the booklet that I will purchase the expansive relay manual.

Bravo Mr. Werstiuk, (author), you have accomplished in a few pages the equivalent of a semester of test school.

Samuel J Fulton

Very Well Presented

The information in this course was very well presented. The practice sheets make the concepts more easily understood. I would recommend this course to anyone who is involved with electrical power systems.

Peter Cogswell

Experienced Instructor

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He has seen almost every mistake that can be made in the protection and control game. This course will provide you with a great step-by-step guide to testing. Not only will you have a good guide, but you will understand WHY you are doing that step.

Rune Winn ... Field Engineer

This Course is a Must...

This course is a must for relay testing engineers who struggle with the testing of more advanced relay functions such as line distance and transformer differential. Instruction on the background and theory of the functions is followed by hands-on testing of these functions on relays that are commonly encountered in the field.

Relay Testing Class Evaluation Entry

This course is a vital look into not just relay testing...

This course is a vital look into not just relay testing, but how the relay operates in a system. The information offered in this course will cut time spent researching relays and developing test plans.

Customer Review

I wish I had found your books a while ago.

I have just bought your protection relay testing set of books about a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say that I’m very impressed with it.

I have been commissioning power systems for a few years and I wish I had found your books a while ago.

Daniel de Freitas

Instructor is Very Knowledgeable

Anyone needing to test relays will benefit from this course. The instructor is very knowledgeable about all relays and test sets. He teaches you how to use the equipment you will use in the real world and any possible issues that may arise from a particular test set.

Mike Adam ... Power Distribution Specialist

The small classroom sizes make for a good learning environment.

Valence Electrical Training Services instructors break every generator protection element down into manageable sections. The small classroom sizes make for a good learning environment.

Jeff Loy

Chris Does a Great Job

Chris does a great job ! It is very obvious he has a lot of knowledge, backed up by experience. His patience, and dynamic personality, made for a comfortable learning environment.

I would definitely recommend his classes.

Joe Gonzalez

Definitely worth the effort

Definitely worth the effort, you will learn not only techniques of relay testing, but exemplary professionalism as well. The courses prepare one to be a good relay tester instead of “Button Pusher” or a mediocre one. Better yet, you might’ve found yourself a field support.

Get hold of “The Relay Testing Handbook” by Chris Werstiuk, very good review on related power system theories and excellent guide line for the training course.


Not just button pushing

A different perspective on relay testing, especially since most testing companies use automated testing. It helps better understand the operation of the relays and how the results were obtained. Not just button pushing……..

Eric Lemke ... Senior Field Engineer

Best relay testing courses out there that I know of.

Best relay testing courses out there that I know of. The instructor has extensive field experience, thorough understanding of power system theories and years of teaching experience. For someone with power system fundamentals but new to the relay testing field, the “Protective Relay Testing Fundamentals Class” would be a very good starting point. You could learn not only how to conduct a relay test but also the ins and outs behind each step/setting/parameter etc.

Jason S.

I would recommend these courses to anyone

I picked your courses because they looked interesting and they were inexpensive.

I was not disappointed, I found them very informative and quite easy to follow.

I would recommend these courses to anyone needing continuing education or just wanting to learn more about relays.

I learned a lot and look forward to taking more classes from Valence.

Larry Lockwood ... Senior Technician

I look forward to future classes!

If you test relays, this class is a must. I lacked experience with generator relays and the combination of hands-on testing and theoretical knowledge about the elements in test created a seamless transition from the classroom to the field. Outstanding professor with many ways to explain the same thing. I look forward to future classes!

Frank Gonzalez

This Course is Fantastic

This course is fantastic for all who look to gain a better understanding of how relays work, as well as how to test those relays.

Relay Testing Class Evaluation Entry

Absolutely take advantage of this course

Absolutely take advantage of this course as there is a wealth of information to be obtained not only from the course material, but the instructor as well.


For an inexperienced tester like myself, he made it easy to follow and understand

Chris was an excellent instructor. For an inexperienced tester like myself, he made it easy to follow and understand. I was never bored once in the 3 days. I had never used the Doble or its software before, and now I’m confident I have a great base to continue my learning.

Daniel Nigra

I highly recommend this course!

I found this course to be very useful in understanding the fundamentals of three-phase power systems. It was extremely easy to follow along. Very clear, cadenced rhythm with the video narration allowed me to understand without having to backtrack.

The course material would be suitable for technicians or students looking to get a grasp on three-phase power systems and converting between cycles and seconds; a must have for any relay technician.

I appreciated the real world examples and exercises, which will help me when I come across these specific problems in the microprocessor based world of protection relays.

Overall I highly recommend this course!


Great hands-on training

Great hands-on training with a detailed visual guide. Chris’ experience in the field allows him to bring real world application to the classroom. The hands-on training keeps you engaged and helps you understand the theory of operation. I can’t wait to participate in the advanced course in the upcoming weeks.

Shaun Robison

I learned a lot from this course.

I learned a lot from this course. Having no relay testing experience, I was grateful the real world examples were shown. I will definitely continue with this program, as they become available.


Very Good Mix

This class was a very good mix of the theory behind relay testing and hands-on application. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about relay testing or anyone who is looking for a refresher course in the basics.

Relay Testing Class Evaluation Entry

Great instruction. Great class.

This is a great class; even if you have little to no experience with relays. Chris can really break things down to the most basic level. Great instruction. Great class.

Basic Course Student

Chris has a natural talent for teaching!

Chris has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience which he shares as he teaches the theory and practical methods of relay testing. These experiences are so valuable whether you are new or an experienced veteran of relay testing. You get theory and then the opportunity to set up different testing situations to apply and prove the lessons. You can experiment with the circuits and test until you are proficient. Regardless of the brand of test-set, Chris is there to assist and offer advice until you are comfortable with the testing circuit and the test-set's available functions. Excellent opportunity to learn the strengths and weaknesses of different brands of relay test-sets. Chris has a natural talent for teaching!

Rowan Dunbar ... Independant Consultant

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