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Do You Find Protective Relay Testing Frustrating?

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    Are you supposed to test a digital relay, but you don't know how to start, let alone how to interpret the results?
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    Do you run automated relay tests, but don't understand what's going on "under the hood" and can't fix problems when they happen?
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    Do you spend more time trying to decipher manuals and troubleshooting instead of relay testing?

You Can Test Protective Relays with Confidence

How would it feel if you could...

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    Walk on to any job knowing you will be able to test the relay, regardless of what they throw at you
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    Get your relay testing done in one session, start-to-finish, without having to constantly stop and troubleshoot
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    Become fluent in the language of relay settings
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    Most importantly: Get the job done quickly and advance your career

We can help you reach your relay testing goals!

All of Our Relay Testing Training Material Includes:

Theory & Practice

We don’t just teach you which buttons to press. You will have the theory to know what the relay is looking for, how to apply it with your test-set, and what you should be testing in your digital relays.

Expert Instruction

We have experienced almost every possible relay problem over 20+ years of testing relays, so we'll help you avoid countless hours of headaches. We literally wrote the book on relay testing.

Universal Applications

We use real-world situations with a variety of equipment to teach you the principles of power system faults that all relays respond to, so you can confidently test any relay with any test-set.

Chris has a natural talent for teaching!

Chris has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience which he shares as he teaches the theory and practical methods of relay testing. These experiences are so valuable whether you are new or an experienced veteran of relay testing. You get theory and then the opportunity to set up different testing situations to apply and prove the lessons, you can experiment with the circuits and test-set until you are proficient. Regardless of the brand of tester, Chris is there to assist and offer advice until you are comfortable with the testing circuit and the test-set's available functions. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the strengths and weaknesses of different brands of relay test-sets. Chris has a natural talent for teaching!

Rowan Dunbar Independant Consultant

Choose the Style of Training that Meets Your Needs

Online Training that Fits Your Schedule

Don't have the time or budget for full days of hands-on training?

Our online relay training seminars show you exactly how to test any digital relay with step-by-step instructions using a variety of relays and test-sets.

Our online training courses dig deep into the basics that every relay tester should know using video presentations, real-world exercises, and quizzes to make sure you learn the applications.

Reference Manuals for the Field

Do you need answers during outages when you’re deep into testing and time is quickly ticking away?

The Relay Testing Handbook is a comprehensive series of relay testing books written for relay testers by a relay tester. You get the tools necessary to test any relay: and you can take them everywhere.

Get the theory behind the element, what the relay is looking for, step-by-step testing instructions, and how to evaluate your results in language that you can understand... when you need it most!

Relay testing books and relay testing handbooks with pdf download

Hands-On Training With an Expert

Get effective, hands-on training from an industry expert who's experienced almost every problem you won't find in a book.

Make sure you and your team perfectly understand all aspects of relay testing in one of our three-day, hands-on training classes.

We’ll guide you through the theory without resorting to dry PowerPoint presentations, and then you’ll put it into practice with your test equipment on real relays with real settings.

Hands-On Relay testing training in classroom
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