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Online Training Classes

Learn at your own pace with our affordable online training courses based on The Relay Testing Handbook.

  • Choose the topics most important to you
  • Any location and time convenient for you
  • Focus on the skills you need
  • Apply to any relay or test-set

Relay Testing Books

A series of nine indispensable volumes that every relay tester needs:

  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Relay Testing Fundamentals
  • Digital Logic
  • Step-by-step instructions for testing 50/51/67/59/27/81/87/21 protection

Hands-On Relay Training

Small, effective, hands-on relay classes at our location, or yours. Take one of the classes below, or create your own.

This Class Will Start You off on the Right Path

One should take this course whether they know everything about relays or know nothing about them at all. Anyone could walk into this course and learn something. For those who have low experience with testing relays, this class will start you off on the right path to becoming a great relay tester.

Travis Scaife


Take our Protective Relay Testing Fundamentals Class In Tampa, FL – Feb 14-16th, 2017

Did you recently find out that you're now a "Relay Tester," but you're not sure how to perform your new job? If you're lucky, you might be able to get some help from an old-hand in your shop, but he's just as busy as you are and seems to struggle himself when things go wrong. Or, if you're like most "relay testers," you've been given some …

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High Impedance Busbar Differential Protection

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Our Latest Video

Frequency Response and The Power System

Here’s an excellent video on frequency response in the grid from NERC. I often tell my students that renewables are making the power system less stable and this video explains part of the issue.

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