The ONLY Relay Testing Book Written FOR Relay Testers

The Relay Testing Handbook gives you:  

  • A career's worth of relay testing experience you can carry with you on the job. 
  • Information to test any protective relay, create your own test plans, and perform tests in the field, regardless of manufacturer. 

Relay Testing Can Be Frustrating

a relay test frustrated becuase they DON'T have our Relay Testing Book

If you’ve spent any amount of time out in the field testing relays, you already know a few things:

  • Every manufacturer has their own standards, symbols, and terminology. They use different diagrams, different labeling…  All that means is A LOT OF TIME spent studying manuals, and A LOT OF TIME troubleshooting.
  • Every job is different. Virtually every testing job will, in some way, ask you to do something you have no idea how to do. This is stressful, frustrating, and time consuming. 
  • Modern relays have a staggering amount of functionality. This means they can do a lot more… but it also means there is a lot more to test as you try to sort through the mess of screens, menus, and options to find what you’re looking for.

You're Not Alone!

Most Relay Testers Struggle to Get the Job Done...

Without proper training, you have probably created a few workarounds over time to help you get by, or relied on automated test software. But that approach only gets you so far, because:

  • Protective relays are more powerful and more complex than they used to be. Relay testing technicians require a broader knowledge base to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.
  • Most electrical books are written by engineers who focus on electrical THEORY, and completely neglect the part you need: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS.
  • You think you’ve hacked the system and figured out a solution, but it only works on THAT relay with its specific settings. Your new hack often doesn’t work on the next relay.
A Relay Tester Trying to Solve a problem

Take a look inside The Relay Testing Handbook...

Our relay testing books show you...
  • Basic electrical and relay testing fundamentals that set the foundation for everything you test, day in and day out.
  • How to handle the most common protection elements (50/51/67/27/59/81/21/87).
  • Step-by-step test plans with real-world applications, designed to get you USING what you learn as quickly as possible.
  • Breakdowns of the different relay testing approaches you can choose from, and how to select the best one for the job.
  • Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting instructions to overcome common testing problems.
  • How to apply the material to virtually any test equipment, with examples from multiple manufacturers and test-set models.
  • And much, much more…
  • Simplified Motor Relay testing
  • Generator Relay Protection Testing

The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice 

This relay testing book is our core handbook and is used by large organizations across North America in their training programs. You get 650+ pages worth of fundamental theory, techniques, and practical examples from a range of manufacturers to learn how to handle almost any relay testing scenario with confidence (no matter your current skill level).

You’ll find comprehensive explanations, diagrams, and instructions in Principles and Practice on topics such as:

  • Electrical fundamentals, including three-phase electricity, phasor diagrams, and fault types
  • Relay testing fundamentals such as pickup and timing tests using static or dynamic testing methods
  • The most commonly used testing philosophies, and the most efficient and effective ones
  • How to translate digital logic used by relay manufacturers into familiar concepts
  • Best practices for creating and implementing test plans

Additional chapters are dedicated to the most commonly used protective elements, including:

  • A description of operation written for a relay tester, not for a design engineer
  • Time, instantaneous, and directional overcurrent (51/50/67)
  • Simple and transformer differential (87) testing with three or six current channels
  • Line distance (21) testing using realistic test plans to minimize setting changes

You can get the hardcover version to comfortably read and absorb the information at your own pace, and then use the PDF version to get the information in the field when you need it most!

Principles and Practice Relay Testing Book

"Chris is a great instructor! I've had the pleasure of interacting with him at the Hands on Relay School at WSU. If you are an electrician starting out in this field or thinking about pursuing relay protection work, this book is a must. Check out his training videos on youtube under Valence Electrical Training as well, best videos I've found yet!"

Paul Poulin Review

"I have just bought your protection relay testing set of books about a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say that I’m very impressed with it.

I have been commissioning power systems for a few years and I wish I had found your books a while ago."

Daniel de Freitas

Customer Review

"Great Book. Simple, very good detail and most of all not confusing."

Vishnu Review

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