Build a Team of Highly Skilled Relay Testing Experts 

Our practical, hands-on relay testing training classes teach the fundamentals, cut the learning curve, and get your team up to speed, fast


After a Three-Day Relay Testing Training Class, Your Team Can...

  • Get both new and experienced technicians up to speed quickly.

    After attending our relay testing training classes, they’ll know the basics, understand the “why” behind what they do, and walk away with the ability to immediately apply that knowledge to their day-to-day work.

  • Avoid countless hours of headaches.

    We show your team troubleshooting skills to cover nearly every problem we've experienced over the 20+ years of testing relays that helped us literally write the book on relay testing. Your team will learn what to do when things go wrong and how to solve problems quickly.

  • Apply multiple test techniques for any circumstance.

    We use real-world situations and your test equipment to teach your team the the principles of power system faults that all relays respond to, so they can build and implement effective and efficient relay testing plans. No “button-pushing” here.


Your relay test technicians will be able to answer these questions after they graduate:

  • What is a protective relay?
  • Where are protective relays used?
  • Why do protective relays need to be tested?
  • What are the most common protective relay functions?
  • How do I test any protective relay or element?
  • What are the most effective test techniques available?
  • How can I test a relay in the shortest amount of time, and make sure it will work when required?

"A different perspective on relay testing, especially since most testing companies use automated testing. It helps better understand the operation of the relays and how the results were obtained. Not just button pushing."

Eric Lemke

Senior Field Engineer – Tidal Power Services

"Chris was an excellent instructor. For an inexperienced tester like myself, he made it easy to follow and understand. I was never bored once in the 3 days. I had never used Doble or the software before, and now I’m confident I have a great base to continue my learning."

Daniel Nigra

American Electrical Testing

In-Person Training From “In-The-Trenches” Experts

"Chris has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience which he shares as he teaches the theory and practical methods of Relay testing. These experiences are so valuable whether you are new or an experienced veteran of relay testing. You get theory and then the opportunity to set up different testing situations to apply and prove the lessons, you can experiment with the circuits and tester until you are proficient. Regardless of the brand of tester, Chris is there to assist and offer advice until you are comfortable with the testing circuit and the testers available functions. Excellent opportunity to learn the strengths and weaknesses of different brands of relay test sets. Chris has a natural talent for teaching!"

Rowan Dunbar

Independent Consultant for Imperial Oil

"Chris is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He has seen almost every mistake that can be made in the protection and control game. This course will provide you with a great step by step guide to testing. Not only will you have a good guide, but you will understand WHY you are doing that step."

Rune Winn

Field Engineer, Emerson Network Power

Typical Training Seminars from Other Vendors Can Be Frustrating...

Students who take typical relay testing training seminars:

  • Spend four days or longer sitting through long, boring PowerPoint presentations about theory with no practical applications.  "What did we learn on day one? No idea!"
  • Only learn one way to test the relay they’re working with in the classroom, which usually only works in the classroom with ideal settings. "What do I do when something goes wrong? No idea!"
  • Don't get to apply what they've learned during the seminar. Which means they don't remember what was covered in the seminar. So they wasted their time, your projects are running behind, and you've wasted your budget money!

You Won't Get a Typical Relay Testing Training Class at Valence

Hands-on relay testing training classes from Valence Electrical Training Services:

  • Are three-days long to reduce information overload, help students retain the information, and minimize travel costs and overtime.
  • Use modern relays and universal techniques that can be applied to any modern relay test-set or relay test software from any manufacturer.
  • Demonstrate multiple techniques to test relays, so that when one thing doesn’t work, you can quickly move on to the next and keep the testing process moving along.
  • Put the information into practice during the training sessions using your test equipment on real relays with real settings.

Our hands-on relay testing training classes also:

  • Make sure you or your team perfectly understand all aspects of the relay testing principles and techniques we cover at each stage, before moving on.
  • Include post-training services where students can ask follow-up questions, and consult with relay testing experts for help after the courses are complete.
  • Are pre-approved for the number of NETA Continuing Education Credits (CTDs) listed in each relay testing training class description below.

And once each relay testing training class comes to a close, all of our graduates receive a certificate of completion, which can be used with your regulating board.


Here's What Our Students Have to Say After a Hands-On Relay Testing Training Class 

"This course was probably hands down the best relay training course I have ever taken in my 13 years of relay testing. It is obvious the instructor knows what he talking about and is very enthusiastic about relay testing. His approach makes it easy for someone to understand what the relay elements are trying to accomplish and how to properly test that element. This class should be on every relay technician’s list as not only part of their certification but also as a refresher. Well done!"

Sam Harrison

AET, Inc.

"Great hands on training with a detailed visual guide. Chris’ experience in the field allows him to bring real world application to the classroom. The hands on training keeps you engaged and helps you understand the theory of operation. I can’t wait to participate in the advanced course in the upcoming weeks."

Shaun Robison

Test TEchnician for American Electrical Testing

"Best relay testing courses out there I know of. The instructor have extensive field experience, thorough understanding of power system theories and years of teaching experience. For someone with power system fundamentals but new to the relay testing field, the “Basic Protective Relay Testing Course” would be a very good starting point. You could learn not only how to conduct a relay test but also the ins and outs behind each step/setting/parameter etc."

Jason S.

CEDA Field Services – Power Systems

"This is a great class; even if you have little to no experience with relays. Chris can really break things down to the most basic level. Great instruction. Great class."


Protective Relay Testing Fundamentals

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Introduction To Modern Relay Testing

Protective Relay Testing Fundamentals

Line Distance Protective Relay Testing 

End-To-End Communication-Assisted Testing

Differential Protective Relay Testing

Generator Protective Relay Testing 

Digital Relay Logic Testing

Motor Protective Relay Testing

Custom Hands-On Relay Testing Training Classes

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