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The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice

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Get the Relay Testing Handbook Series Every Relay Tester Needs

The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice

Most electrical training handbooks available today are written by engineers who tend to focus more on electrical theory than on practical applications. Although this information is certainly important and useful, relay testing technicians who work in the field need practical training based on the actual equipment and testing scenarios they are likely to encounter on a daily basis.

In addition to this, contemporary relay systems require modern testing techniques for both efficiency and accuracy. Because protective relays are both more powerful and more complex than they used to be, relay testing technicians require a broader knowledge base to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. The Relay Testing Handbook was created for just this reason.

Written by an experienced relay tester, The Relay Testing Handbook Series was created with the relay testing technician in mind. Loaded with practical examples that cover equipment from a broad range of manufacturers, this handbook is an indispensable resource for relay testers of all skill levels. Eight of the nine volumes in the series are included in the hardcover book, which covers topics such as:

  • Electrical fundamentals including three-phase electricity, phasor diagrams, and fault types
  • Relay testing fundamentals such as static, dynamic pickup and timing tests
  • The most commonly used testing philosophies, and the most efficient and effective ones
  • How to translate digital logic used by relay manufacturers into familiar concepts
  • Best practices for creating and implementing test plans

Additional chapters are dedicated to the most commonly used protective elements including:

  • Overvoltage, undervoltage, and frequency (59/27/81)
  • Time, instantaneous, and directional overcurrent (51/50/67)
  • Simple, and transformer, differential (87) testing with three or six current channels
  • Line distance (21) testing using realistic test plans to minimize setting changes

The The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice can be ordered as an Adobe Acrobat PDF digital download, or as a hardcover book (that also includes the Adobe Acrobat PDF digital download for free).  PDF download links will be sent via email after the order has been processed, usually the same day. See our Policies page for more details and PDF digital download license restrictions. The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing is NOT included in the hardcover book. You can order the complete series here to get a discount on the hardcover book and #7 End-to-End Testing.

Download the Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Index

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Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), The Northern Alberta Institute of Alberta (NAIT), Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Electrical Reliability Services (Emerson/ERS), Xcel Energy, MidAmerican Energy, Arizona Public Service (APS), Northern Michigan University, Kansas City Power & Light, Tri-County Electrical Cooperative, Snohomish County PUD, USBR, Northwest Iowa Community College, POWER Testing and Energization, Inc.

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2 reviews for The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice

  1. Daniel de Freitas

    I have just bought your protection relay testing set of books about a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say that I’m very impressed with it.

    I have been commissioning power systems for a few years and I wish I had found your books a while ago.

  2. Gary

    What would you tell someone who was thinking about a purchase?

    “It’s nice to get updates and correction via email”

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