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The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice

Most electrical training handbooks available today are written by engineers who tend to focus more on electrical theory than on practical applications. Although this information is certainly important and useful, relay testing technicians who work in the field need practical training based on the actual equipment and testing scenarios they are likely to encounter on a daily basis. In addition to this, contemporary relay systems require modern testing techniques for both efficiency and accuracy. Because protective relays are both more powerful and more complex than they used to be, relay testing technicians require a broader knowledge base to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. The Relay Testing Handbook was created for just this reason. Written by an experienced relay tester, The Relay Testing Handbook Series was created with the relay testing technician in mind. Loaded with practical examples that cover equipment from a broad range of manufacturers, this handbook is an indispensable resource for relay testers of all skill levels. Eight of the nine volumes in the series are included in the hardcover book, which covers topics such as:
  • Electrical fundamentals including three-phase electricity, phasor diagrams, and fault types
  • Relay testing fundamentals such as static, dynamic pickup and timing tests
  • The most commonly used testing philosophies, and the most efficient and effective ones
  • How to translate digital logic used by relay manufacturers into familiar concepts
  • Best practices for creating and implementing test plans
Additional chapters are dedicated to the most commonly used protective elements including:
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage, and frequency (59/27/81)
  • Time, instantaneous, and directional overcurrent (51/50/67)
  • Simple, and transformer, differential (87) testing with three or six current channels
  • Line distance (21) testing using realistic test plans to minimize setting changes

The Relay Testing Handbook: End-to-End Testing

The Relay Testing Handbook: End-to-End Testing provides both a basic introduction and a clear, step-by-step procedure for performing end-to-end tests in the field. You’ll also get an overview of the most commonly applied communication-assisted protection schemes so you will know how they function when performing your end-to-end tests. This volume of The Relay Testing Handbook series is designed to teach relay testers the following information:
  • The fundamentals of end-to-end testing
  • Why end-to-end testing is used
  • How end-to-end testing works in real life
  • When and where to perform an end-to-end test
The primary goal of the end-to-end testing handbook is to provide relay testers with enough information to perform these tests in the field. To do this, practical examples are provided throughout the text so you can apply your new knowledge in real-world situations. In addition to the basic principles and philosophies behind end-to-end testing, some of the practical resources you can expect to get in this volume include:
  • Detailed end-to-end testing procedures
  • Descriptions of the most common protection schemes, such as:
    • Direct Under-Reaching Transfer Trip (DUTT)
    • Permissive Over-Reaching Transfer Trip (POTT)
    • Directional Comparison Unblocking (DCUB)
    • Permissive Under-Reaching Transfer Trip (PUTT)
    • Directional Comparison Blocking (DCB)
    • Line Differential (Pilot Wire, Charge Comparison, Traditional Differential, and the Alpha Plane)

The Relay Testing Handbook: Simplified Motor Relay Testing

If you want to learn how to test motor relays, this is the book for you.  But it is much, much more! It includes everything I’ve learned about relay testing since The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practiceincluding step-by-step dynamic testing procedures that can be applied to any relay element with fixed-time delays. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to up their game from a button pusher to a true relay testing craftsman.  Motor relay testing often frustrates relay testers because you usually can’t assign an output to be a specific pickup for your tests. Motor relays require dynamic testing for pickup and timing test results. This book will show you how to test any motor relay with any test-set through these motor topics:
  • Introduction to motors
  • Understanding motor connections and controls
  • How to connect your test-set
  • General motor testing principles
Once you understand motor relay theory, this book will show you universal, step-by-step test procedures for these elements using modern, dynamic testing techniques:
  • Short Circuit/Phase Overcurrent (50P)
  • Undercurrent/Load Loss/Underpower (37)
  • Undervoltage/Overvoltage (27/59)
  • Under/Over Frequency (81)
  • Power Factor (55)/Reactive Power (VAR)
  • Ground Fault Trip (50N)
  • Phase Differential (87M)
  • RTD Testing
  • Restart Block/Backspin
  • Time Between Starts/Starts per Hour
  • Thermal Overload Alarm/Trip (49)
  • Thermal Capacity Alarm (TCU)
  • Mechanical Jam
  • Acceleration Trip
  • Current Unbalance Trip/Alarm (47)
  • Single-Phase Trip
Take your relay testing to the next level by learning and applying these dynamic testing principles to any relay element with a fixed time delay. You won’t find another resource like this! The complete series can be ordered as Adobe Acrobat PDF digital downloads, or as a hardcover/soft-cover books (including free PDF downloads).  PDF download links will be sent via email after the order has been processed, usually the same day.  See our Policies page for more details and PDF digital download license restrictions. Download the Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Index for Principles and Practice Download the Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Index for Simplified Motor Relay Testing Download the Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Index for End-to-end Testing
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