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The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing

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 The End-to-End Testing Manual that Every Technician Needs

The Relay Testing Handbook: End-to-End Testing provides both a basic introduction and a clear, step-by-step procedure for performing end-to-end tests in the field. You’ll also get an overview of the most commonly applied communication-assisted protection schemes so you will know how they function when performing your end-to-end tests.

This volume of The Relay Testing Handbook series is designed to teach relay testers the following information:

  • The fundamentals of end-to-end testing
  • Why end-to-end testing is used
  • How end-to-end testing works in real life
  • When and where to perform an end-to-end test

The primary goal of the end-to-end testing handbook is to provide relay testers with enough information to perform these tests in the field. To do this, practical examples are provided throughout the text so you can apply your new knowledge in real-world situations. In addition to the basic principles and philosophies behind end-to-end testing, some of the practical resources you can expect to get in this volume include:

  • Detailed end-to-end testing procedures
  • Descriptions of the most common protection schemes, such as:
    • Direct Under-Reaching Transfer Trip (DUTT)
    • Permissive Over-Reaching Transfer Trip (POTT)
    • Directional Comparison Unblocking (DCUB)
    • Permissive Under-Reaching Transfer Trip (PUTT)
    • Directional Comparison Blocking (DCB)
    • Line Differential (Pilot Wire, Charge Comparison, Traditional Differential, and the Alpha Plane)

The The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing can be ordered as a soft-cover book, Adobe Acrobat PDF digital download, or both.  PDF download links will be sent via email after the order has been processed.  Usually the same day.  See our Policies page for more details and PDF digital download license restrictions. This book is NOT included in hardcover book The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice. You can order the complete series here to get a discount.

Download the Table of Contents, Table of Figures, and Index

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1 review for The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing

  1. Samuel J Fulton

    I have been in electrical testing for the past 15 years and have worked for NETA shops and utilities. The booket is excellent for a beginner as well as a seasoned test technician. I purchased this for a look at another’s perspective on end to end relay testing. Included are test plans, connections, procedures and testing philosophies. The user will find an overview of nearly all of the popular protection strategies as well as a very helpful overview chart.

    I have been so impressed with the booklet that I will purchase the expansive relay manual.

    Bravo Mr. Werstiuk, (author), you have accomplished in a few pages the equivalent of a semester of test school.

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