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ASEA RAGEA 27N Gen Neutral Undervoltage

ASEA RAGEA 27N Gen Neutral Undervoltage

I can not find up dated information on this relay. I am testing with a manta 5000. I put 60 vac 60 hz on leads 7 and 8 and the relay picks up. Then on lead 11 & 12 I put 180 Hz and bring up vac to 1.27 and a target drops and this is close to the settings ([email protected]) but that is only one target out of two. Time delay tripping is set to .3    I cant figure out how to time it. I have test handle with test leads 1 is pos dc, 7 & 8 marked Ac, leads 11 & 12 are marked 180 Hz, 15 is a trip and 18 is neg dc. With this test handle the dc remains heated up in the relay.  This relay doesn’t have fundamental overvoltage protection. It is a special order relay for our hydro generators
So if any one has an Idea how to get the second target and how to time it that would be very helpful.


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