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We Need Your Help with Our Next Protective Relay Online Training Class: Electricity 101!

We’re wrapping up our upcoming protective relay online training class: Understanding and Drawing Phasor Diagrams, and we are ready to get started on the next course about the electrical fundamentals that every relay tester should know. There are a lot of free resources for basic electrical theory out there and we don’t need to re-invent the wheel by describing concepts like “the potential difference between two plates” that create a voltage.

What should a relay tester understand about the electrical system in practical terms?

Here are some of our ideas so far.


  • Created by the AVR of a generator
  • Pressure that drives the current
  • Voltages are added up in a series circuit
  • Voltages are equal in a parallel circuit
  • mv, V, and kV


  • Flows through a circuit
  • Currents in series are equal
  • Currents in parallel add
  • mA, A, kA


  • The load that completes the circuit
  • In every part of the electrical system

Ohm’s Law

  • Most important formula
  • How to re-arrange to calculate V, A, Ohms

Inductive Impedance

  • Coil that makes electrical machines work
  • Resists changes in current
  • Lagging angles

Capacitive Impedance

  • Stores energy
  • Leading power factor

Watts/VARS/VA and the Power Triangle

Power Factor


What electricity 101 information do you wish you knew from the start?

What basics of electricity do you wish you understood better?

Please help us create the best protective relay online course about electrical basics by leaving a comment.



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