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Happy New Year from Valence Electrical Training Services

Everyone at Valence Electrical Training Services hopes everyone had a great holiday season.

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As we look back on the previous year, it is strange how a couple of conferences papers and a whim started The Relay Testing Handbook series that has sold over 2,700 copies to date. The hardcover book was released 18 months ago is ranked #142 at our printer who carries millions of titles. Quite an achievement for a small niche market inside a small niche market. None of this would be possible without your support!

Thank you all very much!

If you found The Relay Testing Handbook useful, please help us by posting a book review at the  Amazon Book Page or at our Online Store.

We are always looking to improve, and The Relay Testing Handbook is an evolving document.  Please contact us if you find any errors.

Stay tuned to the blog and YouTube channel because one of my resolutions is to make bi-monthly blog posts of useful electrical testing content.

We hope you all have a fantastic New Year!

Thanks to everyone from Valence Electrical Training Services,




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Valence Electrical Training Services is the independent source for protective relay training for relay testers. We offer: • Online Training Courses that can be completed at any location at any time • The Relay Testing Handbook series of books written for relay testers by a relay tester • Hands-On Training Classes where you come to us, or we come to your organization

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