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Good Video for CT / PT / Phasor Diagram / Transformer Connections

Here is another excellent, but dated, video that covers a lot more than its title.

It starts with an excellent introduction to CTs and PTs (http://youtu.be/T5U5M3RYx9Q)

Then some Phasor Diagram basics at 26:10 (http://youtu.be/T5U5M3RYx9Q?t=26m10s)

Then it discusses transformer connections and one method for calculating phase shifts at 30:18 (http://youtu.be/T5U5M3RYx9Q?t=30m18s)

It starts to get heavy into per unit calculations at 40:20 which is nice to know, but not something that a relay tester has to deal with often.

Our first video is getting close to finished and should be out soon.

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