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CT Primary Injection Ratio Testing Problems

Situation after CT Primary Injection:
New 230kv breaker
Testing CT’s, 4000/5, by high current injection
injecting 80 amps A phase to ground
the secondary leads are shorted in a junction box A-B-C-N / additionally a voltage is connected to test instrument form test set
The secondary readings are A = 0.096 @ 176 degrees, B = 0.01 @ 0, C = 0.01 @ 0, N = 0.108 @ 4
only one set of CT’s, 2 per phase read this all others tested where i.e. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

When load was applied secondary current looked correct
Seems like I ‘ve seen this before, is there an answer for this?
Electricity is a Theory……………right?

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