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How to Connect to a Beckwith Electric M-3425 Relay

M-3425 Relay

Beckwith M-3425 Generator protection

Cable: 9-pin to 9-pin RS-232 Null Modem
Software: 3820A IPScom Communications Software

Software Default Settings

PC Port: Com1 (Varies by Computer)
Baud Rate: 9600
Echo Cancel: Not Selected
Access Code: Default
Address: 1

Make sure that the screen is blank and you have completely exited from all menus on the front screen before attempting communication.

Anti-virus and firewall software may prevent communication. If you can’t communicate, try disabling your firewall software.

If “Comm. Locked” error message appears or communication doesn’t work
1. Make sure no trips are active
2. Make sure you are have completely exited the front panel menus
3. Cycle power on the relay and restart your computer, turn firewall off and try again.
4. Turn power off
5. Remove front cover
6. Flip 3rd dip switch from left behind relay OK light down
7. Restart relay
8. Front panel should say something like “Comm initialized with default”
9. Turn power off
10. Flip dip switch back up
11. Power on
12. Test comm.
13. Replace cover.

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