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Basler BE1-50BF Breaker Failure Relay Testing

Basler Be1-50BF Breaker Failure Relay

Happy New Year!

Does anyone have experience with the Basler BE1-50BF Breaker Failure Relay that has the Control and T1 timer pots and test points on the front of the relay?  There are no timer setting wheels. I called Basler and it appears I need an oscilliscope to set the timers.  However, with only one BFI input, supervisory option not installed, I am trying to sort out a testing method.  Basler application engineer only said things like: tricky, complicated and sensitive.

200 ms control time
80 ms T1 time
BF1 contacts w/target
BF2 contacts w/target
1 Amp current pickup

No Instantaneous Element
Publication: 9190600990 Rev. F 09/07

I would appreciate any test plans, notes and suggestions.  I am testing with a Doble F6150 CPU1.  Protest ver. 2.09.



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