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Question about QUADS for GE L90 and D60

This has been bothering myself and some of my employees for a while.  GE Quads are extended on the reach axis by the k factor of the relay, settings engineers that we have been working for are basically matching the reach settings of other manufacturers or the calculated reach settings that they come up with.  Basically the GE quad overreaches other manufacturers along the resistive axis when the settings match other relays.  I have raised this issue with our client but they have ignored the issue, unfortunatly I cannot think of a situation where this would become an issue other than load encroachment on a larger reach setting.  Are there any fault situations where the fault angle is closer to the resistive axis i.e. high resistance faults, if so it would be good to use them as an argument to change the settings so that they match the calculated settings that the engineers come up with.

I look forward to information on this topic.

the man

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