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  • The Relay Testing Handbook: Generator Relay Protection Testing

The Relay Testing Handbook: Generator Relay Protection Testing

Learn How to Confidently Test Any Generator Relay with Any Test Set

If you have ever performed generator relay testing, you know that there are many different elements with different operating characteristics. This can be a hard code to crack, even for experienced relay testers. But once you’ve learned how to solve the puzzle, you can confidently test any generator relay.

Understanding how a generator relay operates in the real world is the key to easy and effective generator relay testing. Testing elements inside a generator relay becomes much easier when you apply realistic conditions with your test-set.

The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice:

  • introduced you to relay testing,
  • gave you the theory behind the most commonly used protective relay elements, and
  • provided step-by-step testing instructions.

This book explains the most important fundamentals and shows you how to apply them when testing any generator relay with any test-set, with sections like:

  • Introduction to Generators
  • Generator Control Systems
  • Generator Diagrams
  • Getting Ready to Test
  • Element Testing Principles
  • How to Perform Acceptance, Commissioning, and Maintenance Tests

Once you understand generator and relay testing theory, this book will show you universal, step-by-step test procedures for these elements using modern, dynamic testing techniques:

  • Phase Distance (21)
  • Volts/Hz (V/Hz)/Over-Excitation (24)
  • Synchronizing and Synch-Check (25)
  • Under-Voltage (27)
  • 100% Stator Earth (27TN/64G2)
  • Reverse/Under-Power (32)
  • Loss of Field/Field Failure (40)
  • Negative Sequence Over-Current (46)
  • Breaker Failure (50BF)
  • Inadvertent Energizing (50/27)
  • Voltage Control/Restraint Over-Current (51V)
  • Neutral Over-Voltage (59N/64G)
  • Fuse Loss/Failure (60FL)
  • Out-of-Step (78)
  • Under/Over Frequency (81)
  • Phase Differential (87)

Whether you’re just getting started with generator relay testing or have been frustrated by puzzling through the different elements and operating characteristics, this book will help you take your relay testing skills to the next level.

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