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Lesson 1 of the Upcoming Voltage Relay Online Seminar is Ready for Production

The first theory lesson for the upcoming voltage protection seminar is ready for production and will include the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Voltage Transformers (VTs) and VT Ratios
  2. Introduction to the VT Burden
  3. Introduction to Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVT & CCVTs)
  4. Introduction to Voltage Measurements
  5. Why the Voltage Drops During a Fault
  6. Introduction to AC Voltage Measurements
  7. How to Understand Three-Phase Power System Voltage Measurements
  8. How to Simulate Power System Voltages

Lesson Two will be a practical guide to overvoltage element (59) testing inside IEDs, so we have to choose which relays to use as our examples. We always have two different manufacturers as examples to see how these principles are universally applied and we will be using an SEL-751A as one of the examples, which will represent all SEL relays. It’s up to you to choose another manufacturer for the other example.

Select an existing relay from the list below, or add your own suggestion. I will try and obtain the most popular relay from the votes. If you have a relay I can borrow for a couple of months, send us an email at [email protected].

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Chris is an Electrical Engineering Technologist, a Journeyman Power System Electrician, and a Professional Engineer. He is also the Author of The Relay Testing Handbook series and founder of Valence Electrical Training Services. You can find out more about Chris here.

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    1. Great! All of our online courses build on each other and I don’t repeat information, so you should take our existing online training programs first, then you’ll have early access to this seminar before it’s officially released.

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