2019 Hands-On Relay School

The Hands-On Relay School in Pullman, WA is one of the best relay training opportunities there is. It will be held at Washington State University between March 10-15, 2019. Registration opens on November 1st, 2018.

Anyone interested in relay testing should attend this fantastic event. Registration opens on November 1st, 2018 and they usually sell out fast. Put it on your calendar and get enrolled ASAP.

I’ll be presenting a Breaker Failure Relay Testing lecture the first two mornings. You can also talk to me during the Supplier Showcase on Tuesday evening.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone there.

Click this link to get more information. https://www.westernenergy.org/programs/hands-on-relay-school-4/

About the Author Chris Werstiuk

Chris is an Electrical Engineering Technologist, a Journeyman Power System Electrician, and a Professional Engineer. He is also the Author of The Relay Testing Handbook series and founder of Valence Electrical Training Services. You can find out more about Chris here.

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